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Anger Management


Learn to recognize anger and change behavior before it damages or impacts relationships with others

  • Learn how to improve judgment and impulse control as well as manage stress and anger more effectively
  • Experience less conflict with teachers, parents, family members, co-workers and corporate management
  • Learn skills to increase your optimism, positive self-talk, and attitude
  • Improve communications skills in such a way that others appropriately understand your feelings and needs
  • Gain skills in stress management to better cope with life's challenges and the impact of others.
  • Learn to take control of your own behavior rather than blaming others for "making" you do things
  • Improve skills in empathy and social awareness to decrease anger and improve relationships
  • Improve workplace communication, reduce instances of aggression, gain skills in teamwork and leadership
  • Gain skills in forgiveness as well as how to more accurately manage expectations
  • Accepted by Businesses, Schools, Court, Juvenile and Adult Probation, Youth Diversion, Corrections, and volunteer clients
  • Our model uses numerous evidence based, empirically validated techniques, and is the most expansive curriculum available.



  • Assertive Communication for Parents
  • Parenting Basics
  • Stress Management
  • Understanding Your Child
  • Empathy training for Parenting and Co-parents
  • Anger and Conflict resolution
  • Parenting styles and Loving Your Children
  • Boundary and limit setting
  • Co-parenting Teamwork/Challenges
  • Co-parenting plan
  • Role Modeling
  • Rewards and Discipline for children
  • Children and Divorce
  • Step-family Dynamics
  • Co-Parenting, Step-Parenting and Single Parenting
  • Avoiding Parenting Mistakes


Weekly Parenting, Co-Parenting Class and Anger Management Schedule: Call 1-888-490-0045 - Email for program schedules, registration, Intakes, and appointments.

Cost:  $25 per hour session. Proof of Enrollment is also provided.  A Certificate of Completion is given at the end of the last class. (see Rates page for detailed information on rates for co-parenting program sessions)  

Register: Call our office to start (888) 490-0045

Email -

Start any week you wish!  Registration prior to attending class is required.


Where: Life Works (Across the Courthouse)

444 North Arrowhead Ave Suite 202 

San Bernardino, CA 92401




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